Superfood of Housing

A log home is the super-food of housing.

“Building and nutrition mega-trends are moving in the same direction. Additives and processed raw materials started to be added to our food unnecessarily to preserve food longer. In the same way, plastics and manufactured materials replaced breathing natural materials.

Now, the direction has changed back to the starting point – nature. People want to eat pure, healthy food and live close to nature. To do this, a log home is the best choice. It’s the super-food of housing.”

This is how Joni Inkinen, Commercial Director for Puhdistamo – Real Foods Oy, encapsulates it. He is known as an ambassador for pure and healthy nutrition. Health, quality and closeness to nature in housing is also important to Joni, and we are certainly proud that he chose us to build a house for him.

Polar Life Haus made Joni’s dream of a log home a reality in Sipoo, Finland.

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